Tuesday, December 28, 2010

13 Awesome Video Game Inspired Cakes

1.Any Street Fighter IV fan would love to have this cake as their birthday cake. Love & Sugar, creator of some of the most visually astonishing cakes, created this life-like Street Fighter IV special edition arcade fightstick cake out of fondant.

2.Pac-man game themed wedding cake and topper.

3.Two cakes inspired by Guitar Hero.

4.Old console.

5.This cake is pretty clever. The baker was asked to make a cake that had a Tetris theme AND a knot to other video games all in one cake.

6.Zelda video game cake.

7.Nintendo Wii cakes.


9.This cake was made for Kotaku reader Eric, whose thoughtful (and detail-oriented) co-workers did him justice with this oven-made send-off.

10.For the uninitiated, Sinistar is the juggernaut villain of the classic arcade game that carries the same name. Once he comes to life in the game, he begins to send warnings your way such as “Beware, I live”, “I Hunger”, “Run coward!”, and a few other lines.

11.A Sony Playstation cake complete with a split soda and blackberry.

12.Trying out Microsoft's new fondant controller.

13.Check out this Geeky Star Wars Death Star cake created for a lucky six year old by Rick Reichart of Cakelava bakery.

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