Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Cool Car Rim Design

1.Asanti’s diamond-encrusted 22 inch Jewel Wheels.

2.LEDs Rims.

3.Flowered Rims.

4.Wooden Wagon Wheels.

5.Pacman Car Rims.

6.Glow In The Dark Wheels.

7.Glass Car Rims.

8.Strange Custom Wheel.

9.Roulette Car Rims.

10.Bling Bling- 22″ Gold spoke wheels.


  1. Now this is what it means to stand out. Those are undeniable crowd pleasers, particularly those diamond-encrusted rims. Those are too heavy to handle. It’s like going around places with your entire fortune attached to your wheels!
    Elmas Schreier

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