Tuesday, November 22, 2011

14 Coolest Candles and Tealight Holders

1.Christmas Poinsettia, Snowflake and Ivy Floating Candles.

2.Sarah Peyton 5-piece Jewel Tone Candle Tray.

3.Floating Tea Light Candle Holders.

4.Frosted Glass Sailboat Tealight Holders.

5.Majestic Deer Metal Candle Holder.

6.2 ft. Christmas Centerpiece – 3 3 in. Candle Holders.

7.Holiday Christmas Candle Holder.

8.Glitter Stocking Drop In Tealight Hodler.

9.6.5-Inch Tall Snowman Candle Holder.

10.Thomas Kinkade Heirloom Porcelain Candleholder.

11.Southern Enterprises Inc. Resin Log Tea Light Candelabra.

12.Seasonal Tealight Candle Holder.

13.Brylane Home Tealight Holder With Vase.

14.Silver Angel Candle Holder Scandinavian Design.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

World Map Made up of Computer Components

we would like to present Susan Stockwell recent work, entitled “World” and consisting of a world map made of recycled computer components supplied by an IT recycling company.

The project was commissioned by Bedfordshire University, UK, and was installed in the atrium of the new student building on their Central Luton site.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Awesome:Cars Transformed Into Cows

Incredible sculptures created by Miina Akkijyrkka out of recycled car parts. Finnish artist has been making unique art for more than 30 years. Her most famous creations are metal sculptures that look like giant cows.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11 Cool Bus Stop Designs

1.Rabbit Bus Stop in Russia.

2.Football goal posts Bus Stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil to promote the World Cup.

3.Giant Fruit Bus Stop in Japan.

4.Dennis Oppenheim Bus Stop in Ventura California.

5.Bus Stop Shelter made from 3 old school buses.

6.Weight Messuring Bus Stop in the Netherlands.

7.Yosemite Falls Trail Bus Stop.

8.Swing Bus Stop. This bus stop swing set makes commuting a bit more fun.

9.Air Conditioned Bus Stop in Dubai.

10.Skateboard Ramp Bus Stop.

11.Google Street View Bus Stop in Amsterdam.