Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Coolest Wheelchair Costumes

1.Princess in a carriage.
2.Atti, the son of Reese Dixon, moves through time and space in his own TARDIS while dressed as the Eleventh Doctor.
3.Carter has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, so dad created the boy's Halloween costume around the chair.
4.A man in a wheelchair uses his disability to create an awesome costume.
5.Mario Bros.
7.Tie Fighter Wheelchair costume.
8.'Cause dogs have the right to be awesome,too.
9.Man in the tub.
10.This year William Joel had machine-fabricating friends create the coolest 3-wheeler adaption to his small Quickie wheelchair.
11.Rabbit in a Hat.
12.Tractor Big Eyes.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Inside Amazon Warehouse

These numbers is the official statistics of Amazon sales from 2011, and for the first time, the pictures of their 80 “chaotic storage” warehouses from around the globe started circling the Internet. “Chaotic storage” refers to the Amazon’s way of storing goods, when all the items are essentially stored at random. This rejection of categorization not only creates a better flow of materials, but also helps to respond to changes in the product range much easier. Explanation of this chaotic process: “The warehouse staff takes incoming goods to the shelving system, where they are placed in unoccupied shelf positions. Each shelf space has a unique barcode and every product as well. The staff uses handheld scanners to record the shelf space and the corresponding product, thus telling the computer, where the goods are located.”

Coolest Apps Ever

1.Lifluf: the best app to punish or reward that friend who is always late.
2.Passion: the app that helps you measure your sex performance.
3.Have2p Restroom Locator: the app that helps you find the closest toilet for emergency cases.
4.MyVibe: the app that transforms your phone into a naughty vibrator.
5.911 Help: turns your phone into the best self-protection device.
6.Barcode Scanner: helps you scan any product to find the best deals.
7.Unofficial Amazon Buzz: the app that lets you know about the hottest deals on Amazon.
8.Mouth Off: the app that gives you cartoon mouths to entertain even the borest meeting.
9.We Draw: the app that turns your phone into a digital Pictionary.
10.DateCheck: the app that can help you avoid defective dates.

Awesome Books Waterfall

Spanish artist Alicia Martin creates unique and eye-catching sculptures out of thousands of recycled books. Old books fall out of a second floor window and spill onto the street. Creative book sculptures look like waterfalls frozen in time.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 Weirdest Wedding Ceremonies

1.suspension wedding.
2.T.J.Max Wedding.
3.Zero Gravity Wedding.
4.Largest Underwater Wedding.
5.Rappelling Wedding.
6.Roller Skating Wedding.
7.Glacier Wedding.
8.Hot Air Balloon Wedding.
9.Rainy Wedding.
10.Classy Batman Wedding.