Friday, December 7, 2012

Coolest Apps Ever

1.Lifluf: the best app to punish or reward that friend who is always late.
2.Passion: the app that helps you measure your sex performance.
3.Have2p Restroom Locator: the app that helps you find the closest toilet for emergency cases.
4.MyVibe: the app that transforms your phone into a naughty vibrator.
5.911 Help: turns your phone into the best self-protection device.
6.Barcode Scanner: helps you scan any product to find the best deals.
7.Unofficial Amazon Buzz: the app that lets you know about the hottest deals on Amazon.
8.Mouth Off: the app that gives you cartoon mouths to entertain even the borest meeting.
9.We Draw: the app that turns your phone into a digital Pictionary.
10.DateCheck: the app that can help you avoid defective dates.

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