Friday, June 21, 2013

16 of The Most Annoying Things Other People Can do

1.When people start getting on the train as others are still getting off.

2.When people walk slowly in front of you on the sidewalk.

3.When people with a lot more than 10 items use the express lane.

4.When mothers with strollers take up the whole sidewalk and act annoyed when other people need to get through.

5.When someone’s bag takes up a whole seat.

6.When people bring small children to scary or R-rated movies.

7.When people miss the trash can and keep walking.

8.When people leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot.

9.When people let their children misbehave in restaurants.

10.When people hold a conversation right in front of a doorway.

11.When you purposely hold the door for someone and they don’t acknowledge it.

12.When people push trash from their car into the parking lot.

13.When you move over for one person and they still bump into you as you pass them.

14.When cyclists don’t stop for red lights or obey signs on the road.

15.When this happens.

16.When you can’t pass anyone on the road because they’re driving the same speed side by side.

1 comment:

  1. I do the last one on purpose when someone is playing car tag (speeding up than slowing down than speeding up) also annoying. To remedy this I get in front of the car tagger and then when a truck or another slow truck is beside me i'll cruse at the same pace to tell the tagger fuck off or i'll keep doing this. It Always works.