Thursday, June 27, 2013

7 Coolest Tents Ever

1.Cliff Cabana Suspended Tent. The Black Diamond Suspended Cliff Cabana Tent was created specifically for climbers, but could easily be used as an adult version treehouse out in the wilderness during our next camping trip, or even in the backyard if space permits.

2.VW Camper Van Tents. Today’s modern hippie might find it difficult to procure a 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van, the iconic mode of transport for the flower power movement of the 60′s. But since they’ll probably spend most of their time just sleeping in it anyways given the cost of gas these days, this is a more practical alternative. Designed to look like a perfect 1:1 scale replica of their 1965 Camper Van, this tent is officially licensed by Volkswagen and comes in your choice of red, yellow or blue. Inside it comfortably sleeps 4 people and is divided down the middle allowing couples to have a little privacy while they’re not making war, and the design even means it’s tall enough to allow people to stand up inside.

3.Sydney Opera House-Inspired Luxury Camper. Folding into a low, sleek tow-behind package, the Opera Camper is like a pop-up luxury suite you can take with you anywhere. Elegant features include a teak veranda, two electrically-adjustable beds that can be combined to make for a larger single sleeping surface, a boiler for hot-water in the compact kitchen, a top-loading fridge with 36L of storage, a ceramic toilet, LED lighting, and a corian fountain with pull-out faucet head that doubles as an outdoor shower.

4.Inflatable Igloo Tent. For those who like to sleep under the stars but would rather not be exposed to everything that Mother Nature might throw at them, here's the BubbleTree.

5.The Car Tent. The Car Tent provides a longer-term solution to those mentioned above and is also highly portable and versatile in its applications. Sure, it doesn’t look much like a car, but it isn’t supposed to: instead, it mimics a car cover which is far more plausible so long as it doesn’t get rear-ended.

6.Orange Solar Tent. This ain’t no Boy Scout tent: the Orange Solar Concept Tent packs photovoltaic fabric, RFID-activated lighting, underfloor heating, a Wi-Fi touchscreen and induction charger.

7.I-gloobox Tent For Homeless People. Bulgarian designer Georgi Djongarski makes an unique tent for homeless people. Called I-gloobox, It is made of thick fabric, which is connected together with a band attached to the aluminum of folding. I-gloobox is effective to ward off the cold during winter, and easy to maintenance. Each pocket contains a sufficient property for the needs of these vagabonds.


  1. Homeless people are people, too, not "vagabonds." Just saying. We have a beauty queen in the US who was evicted from her home, after a series of tragic events, and rendered homeless overnight. It can happen to anyone. I'm glad you included a tent that isn't just for people with exra cash to burn, though. It's nice to see the whole range of inspiration and invention. here. : )

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