Wednesday, July 3, 2013

18 Babies Experiencing Things For The First Time

1.First time watching fireworks.

2.First time being dunked into water that’s way too cold.

3.First time getting caught in a bubble shower.

4.First time driving through a dark tunnel.

5.First time chatting with a puppet.

6.First time finding a new recipe in a cooking magazine.

7.First time forgetting how spoons work.

8.First time seeing ice cream.

9.First time meeting a puppy.
10.First time experiencing newyork fireworks.

11.First time living in a hollowed-out fruit.

12.First time “drinking” out of a hose.

13.First time forgetting how glass windows work.

14.First time being forced to smell someone’s foot.

15.First time opening a present.

16.First time experiencing the sweet, sweet glory of television.

17.And, finally, the first time experiencing the pain of lemons.

18.And the first time having their toes licked by a cat.

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