Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Things Women Don’t Ever Want Men to Find Out (11 pics)

Men's brains are 10% larger and 11% heavier than women's brains.
Men have a higher pain tolerance than women (Except when women are giving birth during which they get a bunch of endorphins and rushes of other pleasant chemicals to help them).
Men have lower rates of anxiety and depression than in women.
Women spend an average of 2 years of their lives time looking at themselves in the mirror; men spend 6 months.
Males in Western societies are much more likely to die from suicide despite females having more suicide attempts (Men are better at finishing things than women).
Women spend over 4 years (in total) of their lives menstruating.
The "extreme male brain" theory holds that autism is an extreme form of maleness because of its complete favoring of systemizing over empathizing. Conversely, the theory holds that psychoses are extreme forms of femaleness because of the complete favoring of emotional over systemizing input. Both disorders are bad, but only one of them gave us the theory of relativity, BitTorrent, and the complete works of Mozart.
Men handle their liquor better: Men's bodies are 62% water while women's body's are 52% water; this means the alcohol men drink gets watered down 10% more by their bodies. Also, men have more of the liver enzyme that breaks down alcohol, which more quickly sobers them up.
70% of men shower daily. 57% of women shower daily (eww).
Women carry twice the number of bacteria species on their hands than men do (eww)!.
Women love to talk: Women speak about 7,000 words a day; Men speak about 2,000.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Final Adventures Of Elmo (20 pics)

When James Garcia found out his dog Elmo only had a few months left to live, he made sure that they were the best months of Elmo's life. James got Elmo’s diagnosis two weeks ago.
The vet diagnosed him with liver cancer, bladder disease, and renal failure.
Instead of being sad, James decided to make every day with Elmo count.
“The vet has given him a couple of months,” said James. “So I decided not to sit and cry but to make the moments together matter and decided to take him to every one of my favorite NYC spots.”.
Elmo hanging out in Times Square.
Because his legs no longer work, Elmo gets to ride around in a special stroller.
Artist Greg Siff, paints Elmo’s portrait.
Looking good.
Watching the “Manhattanhenge” sunset.
Getting cultured at MOMA.
Visiting the Stonewall Inn, a gay New York City landmark.
Being very meta.
Still impressing the public with his cuteness.
Making new friends.
“I never wanted him to feel lonely in the apartment and he loves the outdoors so much,” said James. “He goes with me to restaurants, grocery shopping and naps in the park.” .
It’s the only real path.
James says he wants to eventually turn his experiences with Elmo into a book to teach people about saying goodbye to a pet.
James is hands down the most super of super pet dads.
James with his beloved Elmo as a puppy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shocking Decline of Detroit’s Neighborhoods (16 pics)

What had been a small family home in 2008-2009 has turned into.
merely a pile of rubble by 2013.
People's garages which were still intact in 2008-2009.
has been raided and destroyed by gangs and criminals.
Another two story house that was still habitable in 2009.
completely destroyed by 2013.
What was once a peaceful neighborhood, is about to be no more by 2013.
It's unimaginable to see these houses go through such destruction. But these former owners certainly had it the worst.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

What Back In The Day Looks Like Today (43 pics)

Sometimes things change, but then again, sometimes they don't.